Domain Transfers

What to do next after the purchase of a domain?

The Nominet online Transfer (updated may 19)

Once you receive the email (from us) through Nominet’s
transfer system, simply click the blue link and follow the simple on screen instructions.

At the start of the transfer you will need to enter your new

Name, Address, Postcode, Telephone Number and Email address.

If you are acquiring the domain name as a Private Individual you will have the
option to opt-out of having your name and address details listed on the public whois.

If you are registering on behalf of a business there is the
option to choose UK Limited Company.

The second page of the Nominet transfer you will need your
hosts IPS-TAG which will allow the domain name to be moved to your hosts
registrar systems for you to manage the domain.

The last step is the final stage of the transfer which is
the Nominet £12.00 transfer fee.

Once the transfer is complete you will receive a
confirmation email from Nominet.

The domain name is now legally yours!

By registering a domain name you are entering into a contractual agreement with Nominet, details can be found on Nominet’s Policies and rules.