We started back in 2001 buying generic domains for ourselves with the view to developing these domains into fully fledged websites, as with most things we started acquiring more domains than we can develop and so started selling a select few premium domains to end users.

This proved highly successful and in 2003 we moved into drop catching expired domains. We caught and sold some fantastic domains over the years and have a thriving passion for generic domains.

Nowadays we mostly buy great domains as less and less premium domains expire.

In June 2019 Nominet released the rights to the .uk extension this means that if you owned the co.uk before that time you had automatic legal rights for 5 years to register the .uk version, after that date they became available to the open public.

We have seen a huge demand and surge in prices for this new super short extension.

This new extension makes it much easier for potential customers to directly type in the full web address.


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On the rare occasion we get an extra premium domain name we will contact a selected number of businesses who we think would utilize having a premium domain.

Cherished Names are Full Members and Tag Holders of Nominet.uk (You can find us on the list of Members page here)